Introduction Outdoor Design Program

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Welcome to the Outdoor Projects support site.

Outdoor Projects, or OdP, is a web-based design application for decks, fences, garages and post frame buildings.  It features multiple views and 3D visualization to help you create your project, your way.  We also feature realistic lighting and shadow effects and incorporate landscaping features, such as trees, bushes and ground cover.  Once you import an image of the home, you no longer need to wonder how it will all look together.

Whether you are designing a new post frame building, fence, garage or deck, it is as simple as clicking and dragging the elements on to the project.  OdP also allows for multiple construction properties and project preferences to customize the design to your specific needs and tastes.  You can choose from store stock or even special order SKUs, where we add photo realistic product and material textures so you don’t need to envision the end result, just print it or email it, but always be sure to save it.

Aside from printing or emailing the image of the design, you can also print out dimensional views of the project and more importantly, a complete Bill of Materials.  In fact, these printouts are so detailed that they can be helpful in obtaining your Building Permits.

The videos, FAQs and help files below will help you get a handle on creating your next Outdoor Project.  If you need any additional assistance, be sure to email our support staff by clicking on the Contact Us link on the navigation bar.